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1) Fill in the use document in time after operating the glove box, which includes "user, drinking water oxygen value, what to do"

2) When replacing fuel cylinders in the glove box, the force is established to the default value ± 3mbar

3) The daily doing work force is established according to the running convenience. When not in use for a prolonged time, the pressure is set to one-6mbar

four) Routinely examine the wear of the gloves, test the oil amount of the vacuum pump (amongst the upstream and downstream markings), and incorporate the pump oil appropriately

five) Clean up the h2o probe after each and every two to 3 months to make certain precise detection. (Also have to have to refer to the true circumstance of the inert atmosphere glove box in various user containers

six) If you normally use natural and organic solvents in the glove box, it is advised that you frequently switch the natural solvent adsorbent product, not afterwards than one yr at the most current

seven) Change the filter element regularly, no later on than two several years

8) In accordance to the true use of your glove box, make your mind up to replace the vacuum pump oil cycle, these types of as black and yellow pump oil, h2o or far more natural and organic solvents in the pump oil. The oil alternative cycle need to not exceed 2 a long time at the most up-to-date

9) If a massive quantity of natural and organic solvent is inevitably exposed throughout the experiment, the cycle requirements to be stopped for the experiment. Soon after the experiment, to start with clean up and then begin the cycle

10) When the environment in the box is harmful or damaging gas, the exhaust port of the vacuum pump, the exhaust port of the regeneration gasoline and the exhaust port of the cleaning valve need to be exhausted to the out of doors with an exhaust pipe (when exhaust is not allowed to be outside, the exhaust gasoline treatment method will have to be finished very first).

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