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Vacuum glove box as a precision gear, the general theory is:

The vacuum glove box method is a laboratory products that fills a substantial-purity inert gas into a shut box and circulates and filters out energetic substances (each drinking water and oxygen can access underneath 1PPM) through the purification process.

It is mainly composed of cupboard, rack, changeover cabin, gas purification method, PLC automatic handle method, and so on.

It mostly removes O2, H2O and organic gases.

Ideal for extremely-pure ecosystem devoid of water, oxygen and dust. Such as: lithium-ion batteries and resources, semiconductors, super capacitors, distinctive lamps, laser welding, brazing, and many others.

For Etelux vacuum glove boxes, we can do:

The glove box is designed for shut circulation to preserve working costs. Less than conventional situations, that is, a frequent temperature of 20oC, a standard atmospheric stress, an inert atmosphere glove box gasoline supply of 99.999%, the water and oxygen indicators are all less than 1 ppm

The 304 stainless steel plate is applied for the box and the changeover cabin, and the front window is tempered glass, which is don-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Touch monitor PLC handle, superior degree of automation, can be realized: automated command of fuel strain in the box, computerized cleaning of the environment in the box, computerized regeneration of purified materials, automated recording of technique operation knowledge, etc.

End users can opt for different accessories on the regular glove box according to precise requires: water analyzer, oxygen analyzer, solvent adsorber, fridge high temperature heating gadget, laser welding machine, and so on.

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